Whether it is sport

Athletics, joy in movement, or a desire to be fit, many Personal Training Specialists start their journey as avid fitness consumers.

There are several stages of change are; pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance.

  • Precontemplation – you might develop increased awareness of an opportunity but not thinking seriously about it yet. you might begin to discuss fears and hopes about becoming a personal trainer and seek out general education.
  • Contemplation – you develop increase belief and confidence in the possibility of change. you might evaluate advantages and disadvantages of becoming a personal trainer, identify your support system, and discuss advantages and benefits.
  • Preparation – you become informed about the requirements for success and make plans. You might evaluate barriers and opportunities and complete your goal setting and action planning.
  • Action – you take action. At this stage you would take a course and complete the personal trainer certification, do business planning, and execute your plan.
  • Maintenance – This stage happens after change has occurred, continuing with the behaviors required for success. To do this as a personal trainer, you must maintain certification through ongoing continuing education.