Bacon Breakfast Bagels

Who else misses nice toasted breakfast bagels? They are the best! Well you no longer have to miss these little circles of happiness. These keto friendly bagels are surprisingly good! I can’t wait to make some more of these and put them in my fridge to enjoy with many fillings.

They not only look appealing and taste great, they are extremely versatile and you can top them and fill them with anything your heart desires. I am going to use my favorite breakfast fillings but feel free to add your own favorites to these. Avocado or salmon also make good fillings. You won’t be disappointed.

The texture is crunchy on the outside and a bit like a dense bread on the inside and eaten straight from the oven they are delectable. By far the best bagels I have made so far but definitely better with fillings.

It is important to use the ganthan gum as it will replace the gluten and help stop the mix from splitting. It helps the starches combine to trap air to make the mix lighter. Xanthan gum is best used for baked goods. If you do need to buy some you won’t regret all the things you can make with it and it will last you a long time.

I used almond flour in the recipe as it generally doesn’t have a strong taste like coconut flour can so you have more flexibility with your fillings.

I didn’t use a mixer to combine the bagel mix but if you have one I suggest using this as it can get difficult to mix and incorporate by hand. I also don’t have a donut tin so this isn’t a problem. Just shape them before cooking by hand.


Please click for the full recipe: Bacon Breakfast Bagels