Spinach Herb & Feta Wrap

One of my favorite pre-keto breakfast indulgences was the infamous Spinach Feta Wrap by the one and only Starbucks. Seemingly healthy, right? Spinach and egg whites with chopped sun-dried tomatoes and feta, all wrapped up in a toasty whole grain wrap; only the whole grain wrap was big enough to feed a 2.5 adults and the amount of egg was disappointing. Down that beautifully toasted, gluten-heavy breakfast wrap along with Venti Mocha and you’re looking at more carbohydrates than I’d like to aspire to eat in one sitting.

Enter the modified coffee chain favorite: Spinach, Herb, & Feta Wrap!

After I swore off grains, I would make this by just whipping up eggs and tossing them with spinach, herbs, and feta but that was a less than portable breakfast. By using the egg as the outer layer, you can take this to work or pack it as a lunch!


The wrap is made of a mixture of egg whites and whole eggs whipped with sesame oil to take the texture from “omelet style” to a more flexible and unique texture perfect for filling! Wilted baby spinach and hunks of tangy feta twirl around in fragrant basil and slightly sweet sun-dried tomato bits. You can also increase the flavor by using sun-dried tomato feta and adding a drizzle of oil before wrapping. Sold yet?

Meal prep these little wraps for quick and easy breakfasts that are totally gluten free, vegetarian, and delicious! When you are ready to eat, gently unfold the wrap and place it in a toaster oven or under your oven’s broiler to lightly melt the cheese. Wrap it up and enjoy a fancy breakfast, keto style.

For more information in regards to the ingredients Please click the following: Spinach, Herb & Feta Wrap