When are you most likely to have a Heart Attack?

We all know Heart Disease, including heart attack, is the number one killer. The most dangerous times for heart attack and for all kinds of Cardiovascular emergency happens between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m, therefore after, it reduces to 40% hitting noon. That is the most crucial time. as the platelet is the most sticky around that time frame. Usually, it becomes more sticker due to inflammation in the body. After doing many blood work and testing different anti-inflammatory supplements, I found that 2,000mg of omega 3, taken right before you sleep, with some sort of Mono-unsaturated fats, therefore you can turn on your lipase enzyme to break down fats. As when the morning hits, it does not allow any sort of inflammation and or sticky platelet to occur.


Omega 3 – make sure 2,000mg of the following  EPA and DHA

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